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Here's my recreation of the Character Select music from Marvel vs. Capcom. Everything was recreated by ear and I also added my own elements. I know it sounds repetitive but there wasn't a lot of original material to work with XD



Check out my new audio sub Candyman Intro w/ Drums.
Please enjoy

Check out my new audio submission!!

Zeus, Hades and .... Bill

New song in progress

2011-11-06 01:58:26 by SquattingDog88101

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Check out my new submission. Its a cover of "Recollection" from the game Lunar: Silver Star Story.


Candyman covers

2011-10-24 00:03:54 by SquattingDog88101

Here's 2 covers from the movie Candyman

Candyman intro


Classical Audio Sub

2011-08-29 00:47:52 by SquattingDog88101

Check out my new audio submission


New Audio Submission

2011-08-23 00:54:03 by SquattingDog88101

Check out my new Audio submission

Thy Shield is Heavy

Helen (loop)

Memories of the Fallen