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Its funny how I stumble upon another 1 of your songs out of the blue lol. This is a pretty cool song. I don't really have any criticism. What VSTs did you use?

Fun song

The earthshattering bass was a good touch

AetherFlaer responds:

Why thank you sir.


I see your name everywhere on this site. I wish I was as popular as you lol. Good song.

I feel like I should thank you

Because I've learned a lot from listening to your submissions.

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Back-From-Purgatory responds:


Not sure how much you could learn from my stuff, seeing as it's all over the place, but glad you enjoy it (and apparently learned something from it).

Really Catchy

Love the tune. You got serious skills. You should mainstream.

Murdaa responds:

Its all a dream right now. I gotta start Youtube-ing my stuff and making videos to get the support i need. Glad u enjoyed it!. Show ur friends!

Love it

I wish I could do the shit you do with a guitar. I play guitar too but not very well. Lead guitar is fuckin hard to play

Kylenorbury responds:

Thanks man. Yeh lead takes a long time to develop your style into what you want. Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I appreciate the support greatly

Love the Melody

The Melody and the Chords you used are awesome. But I didn't really dig the instrument you used at the beginning to the middle of the song. It kinda ruins it. The piano work at the end was great.

Lol I meant to hit the 4 button for voting but accidently hit 3. Ill just give you a 5 tomorrow.

infinitemomentstudio responds:

Thanks, I know what you mean.
The instruments clash a lot. The only real part I like is the ending with the synth and the piano.

I will definitely continue with this some time, but I suppose I should finish the essay that I was SUPPOSED to be writing. Thanks for the comment


Ill be completely honest

I got your PM. I like the way it was presented. I like the drum beats but I think it would sound better if you had more kicks and have them shake my speakers. You have a wicked tune in the background but you should put more emphasis on the instruments to get more feeling out of it. You should experiment with voicing over your own voice to give a more omnipotent sound in the lyrics. kinda like 2pac. Im not exactly a Rap specialist though. Oh yeah... and keep those haters terrified too.

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Fuck yeah!

This song is just awesome. Love the title too. Do you have a band?

Kylenorbury responds:

Thanks. Yes I do actually.

Really good but...

the kicks and beats kind of block out the piano and strings. And you have a good build up in the middle of the song but theres no release. Its great overall though.

Unodir responds:

Thanks for your constructive criticism. Coming back this after a few years, I completely agree. One of my biggest issues has always been proper mastering. It just seems like sometimes I hit the levels right and sometimes not. I think part of my problem is that I master using headphones (As I donot have any other way to do it) so that plays a big part.

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