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Its funny how I stumble upon another 1 of your songs out of the blue lol. This is a pretty cool song. I don't really have any criticism. What VSTs did you use?

Fun song

The earthshattering bass was a good touch

AetherFlaer responds:

Why thank you sir.


I see your name everywhere on this site. I wish I was as popular as you lol. Good song.

Really Catchy

Love the tune. You got serious skills. You should mainstream.

Murdaa responds:

Its all a dream right now. I gotta start Youtube-ing my stuff and making videos to get the support i need. Glad u enjoyed it!. Show ur friends!

Love it

I wish I could do the shit you do with a guitar. I play guitar too but not very well. Lead guitar is fuckin hard to play

Kylenorbury responds:

Thanks man. Yeh lead takes a long time to develop your style into what you want. Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I appreciate the support greatly

Love the Melody

The Melody and the Chords you used are awesome. But I didn't really dig the instrument you used at the beginning to the middle of the song. It kinda ruins it. The piano work at the end was great.

Lol I meant to hit the 4 button for voting but accidently hit 3. Ill just give you a 5 tomorrow.

infinitemomentstudio responds:

Thanks, I know what you mean.
The instruments clash a lot. The only real part I like is the ending with the synth and the piano.

I will definitely continue with this some time, but I suppose I should finish the essay that I was SUPPOSED to be writing. Thanks for the comment


Fuck yeah!

This song is just awesome. Love the title too. Do you have a band?

Kylenorbury responds:

Thanks. Yes I do actually.

Really good but...

the kicks and beats kind of block out the piano and strings. And you have a good build up in the middle of the song but theres no release. Its great overall though.

Unodir responds:

Thanks for your constructive criticism. Coming back this after a few years, I completely agree. One of my biggest issues has always been proper mastering. It just seems like sometimes I hit the levels right and sometimes not. I think part of my problem is that I master using headphones (As I donot have any other way to do it) so that plays a big part.

it was ok

The song is nothing special but it has a lot of potential. You put more emphasis on the instruments the backup singers need to tone it down a little bit. Backup singer were also a little of key. Fix these 2 properties and this song can be something special. Even good enough to mainstream.

WyteNoiz responds:

N***a i listened to yo shit, yo shit sucks dick, shut ur fuckin mouth

Really Creative

I love the Variety of instruments and the melody is just awesome. You have true talent

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